CANTO 4: The Creation of the Fourth Order, the Lord's Protection
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    The Creation of the Fourth Order,
    the Lord's Protection

    Order in the world: Manu, Daksha, Dhruva, Prithu,
    the allegory of Purañjana and the Praceta's.


    Chapter 1
    Genealogical Table of the Daughters of Manu
    Chapter 11
    Svâyambhuva Manu Advises Dhruva Mahârâja to Stop Fighting
    Chapter 2
    Daksha Curses Lord S'iva
    Chapter 12
    Dhruva Mahârâja Goes Back to Godhead
    Chapter 3
    Talks Between Lord S'iva and Satî
    Chapter 13
    Description of the Descendants of Dhruva Mahârâja
    Chapter 4
    Satî Quits her Body
    Chapter 14
    The Story of King Vena
    Chapter 5
    Frustration of the Sacrifice of Daksha
    Chapter 15
    King Prithu's Appearance and Coronation
    Chapter 6: Brahmâ Satisfies Lord S'iva Chapter 16
    King Prithu Extolled
    Chapter 7
    The Sacrifice Performed by Daksha
    Chapter 17
    Prithu Mahârâja Gets Angry with the Earth
    Chapter 8: Dhruva Leaves Home for the Forest Chapter 18
    Prithu Mahârâja Milks the Earth
    Chapter 9
    Dhruva Returns Home from the Forest
    Chapter 19
    King Prithu's One Hundred Horse Sacrifices
    Chapter 10
    Dhruva Mahârâja's Fight with the Yakshas