Chapter 2: The Activities of Mahârâja Âgnîdhra
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    Chapter 2: The Activities of Mahârâja Âgnîdhra

    (1) S'rî S'uka said: 'When his father chose the path of liberation and Âgnîdhra according to his order took his place, he strictly observing the dharma protected the citizens, the inhabitants of Jambûdvîpa, like they were his children. (2) One day desiring a woman from the realm of the godly, he engaged in austerities at the foot of the mountains where their playground is found. After he in compliance with the rules of his forefathers had gathered all the necessities for the service, he fully attentive repentantly was of worship for the master, the highest power of creation in the universe [Lord Brahmâ]. (3) Understanding [what he wanted] the almighty Lord, the first person of the universe, sent down from his abode the celestial girl, the Apsara Pûrvacitti. (4) Strolling around in the woods she thus could be found in that place of meditation which was very beautiful, dense with various trees with masses of high reaching, golden creepers attached to the branches. In the clear waters of the lake filled with lotuses she there sang along with the vibrations of the pleasant sounds of the communicating pairs of land birds and water birds like ducks, swans and such.  A Vishnu to worship(5) The son of the god of men then in the ecstasy of his yoga heard the pleasant sounds of her ankle bells that tinkled with every step she made with her so very attractive way of moving around playfully. With his half open lotus bud shaped eyes looking up, he spotted her. (6) Nearby, just like a honeybee smelling the beautiful flowers, she with her playful movements, shy glances, humility, sweet voice and her limbs being a pleasure to the eyes and minds of as well normal men as men of heaven, paved the way for the flower bearing god of love. The goddess was stunning with the pleasure to hear the sweet nectar pouring out of her smiling and talking mouth, the sight of the hasty, stylish, little movements of her feet to [escape] the intoxicated bees surrounding her, the movements of her jug-like breasts, the weight of her hips, the braids of her hair and the belt around her waist. The mere sight of the goddess brought him fully under the control of the almighty Cupid so that he seized the opportunity to address her.

    (7) 'W
    ho are you and what do you intend to do on this hill, oh choice of the munis? Are you some illusory appearance of the Supreme Lord, our God in the beyond? Dear friend do you carry your two bows without strings [your eyebrows] for your own protection or are you hunting the heedless animals in this forest? (8) These two arrows [these eyes] of you oh fortunate lady, that have feathers like lotus petals, have no shaft and are peaceful and very lovely. Who do you want to pierce with their sharp heads in this forest where you loiter? May your prowess be of service for the welfare of all of us who dull-witted fail to understand this! (9) All these followers around you [the bees] oh worshipable one, are, enjoying the resort of the tresses of your hair and all the flowers falling down from them, incessantly singing unto the Lord the prayers of the Sâma Veda and the Upanishad, as if they're sages of respect for the different types of Vedic literature. (10) From the resounding vibration alone of your ankle bells I can very distinctly hear the tittiri birds oh brahmin [girl], without seeing their form. Seeing your beautiful round hips with the lovely color of kadamba flowers and around them a belt red as burning cinders, I wonder where your [ascetic] bark dress would be. (11) What is it oh twice-born one, that fills the two horns oh heavenly appearance of beauty, that you carry to your slim waist? What do they contain that is so attractive to my eyes? And what is that fragrant red powder on the two of them with which you oh fortunate one, are perfuming my spiritual resort? (12) Please show me where you live, oh dearest friend. Where was a person like you with such wonderful limbs born? For a person like me the many wonders of your lovely words and inviting gestures that are as sweet as nectar to the mouth, are something very arousing. (13) And what kind of food you have in your mouth? I can smell the pure ingredients of what you're chewing my sweetest. You have to be an expansion of Lord Vishnu, with your two wide open eyes and brilliant restless shark-shaped earrings in your ears, the rows of your beautiful teeth and your face that resembles a lake amidst the swarm of the bees around you. (14) My eyes are restless being distracted by the ball you struck with your lotus palm in all directions. Don't you care about your curls of hair hanging loose? Is that lower garment of you not giving you trouble being taken up by the wind like a man does who is interested in a woman? (15) Oh beauty, oh treasure of the sages, by what austerity did you manage this way [with this body] to unsettle so unfailingly the penance of all the retired ones? You should practice the forsaking with me, oh friend. Maybe you are meant for me because the creator of the created [Brahmâ] is pleased with me. (16) I won't give up on you oh sweetheart given to me by the god of spiritual rebirth. I have fixed my mind and eyes upon you; I won't leave you and will keep you close to me oh beauty with the marvelous breasts. You may lead me wherever you want, I am your follower, and your fine friends may follow.'

    (17) S'
    rî S'uka said: 'Thus very expert in winning over women, he as intelligent as the gods with his flattery managed to gain the favor of the heavenly girl. (18) She who from her side also felt attracted to the intelligence, manners, beauty, youth, opulence and magnanimity of that master among the heroes, then enjoyed all earthly and heavenly pleasures for an endless, countless number of years spending her time in attachment to him as the king of Jambûdvîpa. (19) Âgnîdhra, the best of all kings, begot in her nine sons named Nâbhi, Kimpurusha, Harivarsha, Ilâvrita, Ramyaka, Hiranmaya, Kuru, Bhadrâs'va and Ketumâla. (20) After she year after year had given birth to her sons, Pûrvacitti left home in order to return to the unborn godhead [Brahmâ]. (21) The sons of Âgnîdhra who because of their mother's care had strong, well-built bodies were by their father allotted the divisions to be ruled by them of the kingdom of Jambûdvîpa he gave their names [probably the Eurasian continent]. (22) King Âgnîdhra not satisfied in his sensual desires thought every day more and more about her, and [thus], as it is described in the scriptures [in e.g. B.G. 8: 6], reached that place of her in heaven [Pitriloka] where the forefathers live in delight. (23) After the departure of their father the nine brothers married the nine daughters of Meru who carried the names Merudevî, Pratirûpâ, Ugradamshthrî, Latâ, Ramyâ, S'yâmâ, Nârî, Bhadrâ and Devavîti.'