Canto 6- Prescribed Duties for Mankind
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    Prescribed Duties for Mankind
    Relating to Nârada, the sages and Indra, the king of heaven

    Chapter 1
    Dharma and Adharma: the Life of Ajâmila
    Chapter 11
    The Transcendental Qualities of Vritrâsura
    Chapter 2
     Ajâmila Delivered by the Vishnudûtas: the Motivation for the Holy Nam...
    Chapter 12
    Vritrâsura's Glorious Death
    Chapter 3
     Yamarâja Instructs His Messengers
    Chapter 13
     King Indra Afflicted by Sinful Reaction
    Chapter 4
    The Hamsa-guhya Prayers Offered to the Lord by Prajâpati Daksha
    Chapter 14
    King Citraketu's Lamentation
    Chapter 5
    Nârada Muni Cursed by Prajâpati Daksha
    Chapter 15
    The Sages Nârada and Angirâ Instruct King Citraketu
    Chapter 6
    The Progeny of the Daughters of Daksha
    Chapter 16
    King Citraketu Meets the Supreme Lord
    Chapter 7
     Indra Offends His Spiritual Master, Brihaspati  
    Chapter 17
    Mother Pârvatî Curses Citraketu
    Chapter 8
    The Armor of Mantras that Protected Indra
    Chapter 18
     Diti Vows to Kill King Indra
    Chapter 9
    Appearance of the Demon Vritrâsura
    Chapter 19
     Performing the Pumsavana Ritualistic Ceremony
    Chapter 10
    The Battle Between the Demigods and Vritrâsura