Canto 7-The Science of God
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    The Science of God
    The bad ruler, the rise of Bhakti and the varnâs'rama system

    Chapter 1
    The Supreme Lord Is Equal unto Everyone
    Chapter 9
    Prahlâda Propitiates Lord Nrisimhadeva with Prayers
    Chapter 2
    Hiranyakas'ipu, the King of the Demons, on Bereavement
    Chapter 10
    About Prahlâda, the Best Among the Exalted Devotees and the Fall of ...
    Chapter 3
    Hiranyakas'ipu's Plan to Become Immortal
    Chapter 11
    The Perfect Society: About the Four Social Classes and the Woman
    Chapter 4
    Hiranyakas'ipu Terrorizes the Universe
    Chapter 12
    The Four Âs'ramas and How to Leave the Body
    Chapter 5
    Prahlâda Mahârâja, the Saintly Son of Hiranyakas'ipu
    Chapter 13
    The Behavior of a Saintly Person
    Chapter 6
    Prahlâda Instructs His Asura Schoolmates
    Chapter 14
    The Supreme of the Householder's Life
    Chapter 7
    What Prahlâda Learned in the Womb
    Chapter 15
    Nârada's Instructions on Vegetarian Sharing, Irreligion, Healing...
    Chapter 8
    Lord Nrisimhadeva Slays the King of the Demons