Canto 9- Liberation
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    Relating to Time and the dynasties of the sun and the moon

    Chapter 1
    King Sudyumna Becomes a Woman
    Chapter 13
    The Story of Nimi and the Dynasty of his Son Mithila
    Chapter 2
    The Dynasties of Six of the Sons of Manu
    Chapter 14
    King Purûravâ Enchanted by Urvas'î
    Chapter 3
    The Marriage of Sukanyâ and Cyavana Muni
    Chapter 15
    Paras'urâma, the Lord's Warrior Incarnation
    Chapter 4
    Ambarîsha Mahârâja Offended by Durvâsâ Muni
    Chapter 16
    How Lord Paras'urâma Came to Destroy the Ruling Class Twenty-one...
    Chapter 5
    Durvâsâ Saved: the Cakra-prayers of Ambarîsha
    Chapter 17
    The Dynasties of the Sons of Purûravâ
    Chapter 6
    The Downfall of Saubhari Muni
    Chapter 18
    King Yayâti Regains his Youth  
    Chapter 7
    The Descendants of King Mândhâtâ
    Chapter 19
    King Yayâti Achieves Liberation: the Goats of Lust
    Chapter 8
    The Sons of Sagara Meet Lord Kapiladeva
    Chapter 20
    The Dynasty of Pûru up to Bharata
    Chapter 9
    The Dynasty of Ams'umân
    Chapter 21
    The Dynasty of Bharata: the Story of Rantideva
    Chapter 10
    The Pastimes of Lord Râmacandra
    Chapter 22
    The Descendants of Ajamîdha: the Pândavas and Kauravas
    Chapter 11
    Lord Râmacandra Rules the World
    Chapter 23
    The Dynasties of the Sons of Yayâti: the Appearance of Lord Krishna
    Chapter 12
    The Dynasty of Kus'a, the Son of Lord Râmacandra
    Chapter 24
    The Yadu and Vrishni Dynasties, Prithâ and the Glory of Lord Krishna

    Family tree extensive: from Purûravâ up to Krishna and from Kuru up to the Pândavas