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    Summum Bonum
    Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead

    Part 1

    Chapter 1
    The Advent of Lord Krishna: Introduction
    Chapter 13
    Lord Brahmâ Steals the Boys and Calves
    Chapter 2
     Prayers by the Demigods for Lord Krishna in the Womb
    Chapter 14
     Brahmâ's Prayers to Lord Krishna  
    Chapter 3
    The Birth of Lord Krishna
    Chapter 15
    The Killing of Dhenuka, the Ass Demon and Poison in the River
    Chapter 4
    The Atrocities of King Kamsa
    Chapter 16
    Krishna Chastises the Serpent Kâliya
    Chapter 5
    Krishna's Birth Ceremony and the Meeting of Nanda Mahârâja and Va...

    Chapter 17
    The History of Kâliya and Krishna Swallows a Forest Fire
    Chapter 6
    The Killing of the Demon Pûtanâ
    Chapter 18
    Lord Balarâma Slays the Demon Pralamba
    Chapter 7
    Krishna Kicks the Cart, Defeats Trinâvarta and Shows Yas'odâ the ...
    Chapter 19
    Again Swallowing a Forest Fire
    Chapter 8
    The Name Ceremony, His Pranks and Again the Universe Within His Mouth
    Chapter 20
    The Rainy Season and Autumn in Vrindâvana*
    Chapter 9
    Mother Yas'odâ Binds Lord Krishna
    Chapter 21
    The Gopîs Glorify the Song of Krishna's Flute
    Chapter 10
     The Deliverance of the Sons of Kuvera
    Chapter 22
     Krishna Steals the Garments of the Unmarried Gopîs  
    Chapter 11
    A New Residence, the Fruit Vendor and Vatsâsura and Bakâsura Defeate...
    Chapter 23
    The Brahmin Wives Blessed
    Chapter 12
    The Killing of the Demon Aghâsura