Part 2
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    Summum Bonum
    Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead

    Part 2

    Chapter 24
    Krishna Defies Indra in Favor of the Brahmins, the Cows and Govardha...
    Chapter 35
    The Gopîs Sing of Krishna as He Wanders in the Forest
    Chapter 25
    Lord Krishna Lifts Govardhana Hill*
    Chapter 36
    The Bull Arishthâsura defeated and Akrûra Sent by Kamsa
    Chapter 26
    Nanda Recapitulates the Words of Garga Before the Puzzled Gopas
    Chapter 37
    Kes'î and Vyoma Killed and Nârada Eulogizes Krishna's Future
    Chapter 27
    Lord Indra and Mother Surabhi Offer Prayers  
    Chapter 38
    Akrûra's Musing and Reception in Gokula
    Chapter 28
    Krishna Rescues Nanda Mahârâja from the Abode of Varuna
    Chapter 39
    Krishna and Balarâma Leave for Mathurâ
    Chapter 29
    The Râsa Play: Krishna Meets and Escapes the Gopîs at Night
    Chapter 40
    Akrûra's Prayers
    Chapter 30
    The Gopîs Search for Krishna Gone with Râdhâ
    Chapter 41
    The Lords' Arrival in Mathurâ
    Chapter 31
    The Songs of the Gopîs in Separation
    Chapter 42
    The Breaking of the Sacrificial Bow
    Chapter 32
    Krishna Returns to the Gopîs
    Chapter 43
    Krishna Kills the Elephant Kuvalayâpîda
    Chapter 33
    The Râsa Dance
    Chapter 44
    The Wrestling Match and the Killing of Kamsa
    Chapter 34
    Sudars'ana Delivered and S'ankhacûda Killed
    Chapter 45
    Krishna Rescues His Teacher's Son