Chapter 25: Lord Krishna Lifts Govardhana Hill*
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    Chapter 25: Lord Krishna Lifts Govardhana Hill*

    (1) S'rî S'uka said: 'Indra then who realized that the worship of his person had been rejected, o King, got angry with the gopas lead by Nanda who had taken to Krishna as their Lord. (2) Clouds carrying the name Sâmvartaka to put an end to it all were sent forth by Indra who thereto falsely deeming himself the supreme controller enraged spoke the words: (3) 'Just see the great extend of the bewilderment of these forest dwelling cowherds in relation to their wealth; they, having taken shelter of a mortal like Krishna, have committed an offense against the gods! (4) Abandoning the spiritual knowledge they try to cross over the ocean of material existence in the name only of profit-motivated ritual sacrifices, sacrifices that are inadequate to serve them as boats on that ocean. (5) Taking shelter of Krishna, this prattling, arrogant child ignorantly thinking Himself to be the wisest, have the gopas acted in dislike against me. (6) Bring them and their animals to destruction whose hearts, barred by Krishna, are intoxicated by their welfare and may the false pride of they who are mad of their riches be removed. (7) I also will, riding my elephant Airâvata, follow along to Vraja accompanied by the wind-gods, moving there with great power with the purpose of destroying Nanda's cowherd community [see e.g. also: 6.11 & 12].'

    (8) S'rî S'uka said: 'The clouds thus commanded by Indra did, released from their bonds, with all their power torment Nanda's cowherd village with great downpours of rain. (9) Illuminated by bolts of lightening, roaring with thunder gave they, propelled by the wind-gods, a fearsome downpour of hailstones. (10) As the rain released by the clouds incessantly poured down in vast columns, could the high and low of the earth being submerged no longer be seen. (11) Plagued by the abundance of rain and excessive wind went the gopas and gopîs shivering of the cold to Govinda for their shelter. (12) Covering their heads and covering their children with their bodies approached they, pained by the rains, trembling the base of the Supreme Personality of Godhead His lotus feet: (13) 'Krishna, o Krishna, o Greatest Fortune, You are Your own master, o Lord, please protect the cow community against Indra being angry with us, o Protector of the Devotees [see also 10.8: 16].'

    (14) Seeing them out of their wits under the attack of the hail, the rain and the extreme winds, considered the Supreme Lord Hari the anger of Indra to be responsible for this: (15) 'Because I rejected his sacrifice is Indra flooding for destruction with these unusually fierce out-of-season rains and great winds full of hailstones. (16) To counteract that properly shall I by My yogic power arrange for the defeat of the pride-of-wealth and the ignorance of those who are as foolish as to consider themselves falsely the Lord of the World. (17) My eradicating the impure of the false prestige of those who consider themselves the Controller is certainly not intended for those enlightened beings who are endowed with goodness, it is intended for their relief [see also B.G. 14: 14]. (18) It is therefore to Me to protect by My yogic power My own family, the cowherd community that took shelter with Me as their master; this is the vow I have taken [see also B.G. 9: 22].'

    (19) Thus having spoken took He, Vishnu, with one hand [His left one] Govardhana hill and held it up as easy as a child does a mushroom. (20) The Supreme Lord said then to the gopas: 'O mother, o father, o residents of Vraja, please enter, if you want, with your cows the free space below this hill. (21) You shouldn't feel afraid that because of the wind and the rain the mountain would fall from My hand; you suffered enough fear and to deliver you from that have I thus provided for you.'

    (22) Thus with their minds pacified by Krishna entered they the space under the mountain where they were safe with their cows, wagons and everyone belonging to them. (23) Putting aside the pain of hunger and thirst and all considerations of personal happiness, upheld He before the eyes of the residents of Vraja the mountain for seven days without moving from His place. (24) Seeing the result of Krishna's mystic power was Lord Indra most amazed and stopped he the clouds, broken in his determination and with his false pride brought down. (25) With the sky empty of clouds, the sun risen and the fierce wind and rain laid down, addressed the Lifter of Govardhana the cowherds: (26) 'Please go forth from here together with your property, women and children; see the end of your fear, o gopas, the wind and rains have ceased and the high water is as good as over.'

    (27) The gopas, with each taking his own cows, then went out, with their belongings loaded on the wagons and the women, children and old people slowly following. (28) And with all of the living beings looking on put the Supreme Lord Almighty that hill down back where it stood before. (29) The residents of Vraja each to their own position came forward shining with the surge of their pure love they felt for Him while the gopîs joyfully with embraces and all of that showed their great affection, while they with gifts of yogurt, whole grains and water presented Him the best of their blessings. (30) Yas'odâ, Rohinî, Nanda and Balarâma, the Greatest of the Strong, beside themselves of love embraced Krishna offering Him all their blessings. (31) From heaven recited the godly, the perfected, the saints, the heavenly singers and venerable ones the Lord's praises, satisfied showering a rain of flowers, o earthly ruler. (32) Resounding conchshells and kettledrums played the demigods in heaven and sang the Gandharvas led by their chief Tumburu, o ruler of men. (33) O King, then, surrounded by the loving animal tenders, went Krishna together with Balarâma off to where they were grazing their animals and as they went sang the gopîs about all His likewise deeds, happy as they were with Him who had touched their hearts.'