Chapter 26: Nanda Recapitulates the Words of Garga Before the Puzzled Gopas
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    Chapter 26: Nanda Recapitulates the Words of Garga Before the Puzzled Gopas

    (1) S'rî S'uka said: 'The gopas witnessing the activities like this [lifting of the hill] of Krishna, could not comprehend His heroism and approached, astonished as they were, Nanda: (2) 'Considering the no doubt extraordinary activities of the boy, how could He deserve a, for Himself contemptible, birth among worldly men? (3) How can a boy of seven years mighty as an elephant playfully with one hand hold up the best of all hills like it was a lotusflower? (4) As a young child with hardly its eyes open sucked He from the breast of the greatly powerful Pûtanâ [the poisoned milk] also sucking her life-air, like the force of time sucks the youth out of a body [see 10.6]. (5) He, a few months old lying crying beneath a cart, with His feet upward turned over the cart that struck by the tip of His foot fell in pieces [see 10.7]. (6) One year old sitting down was He taken away up into the sky by the demon Trinavârta whom He, seizing his neck, tormented and killed [see 10.7]. (7) Once busy stealing butter bound His mother Him to a large mortar with which He, on His hands moving between the two arjuna trees, caused their crash [see 10.10]. (8) Surrounded by the boys together with Balarâma grazing the calves in the forest tore He with His arms apart the beak of the murderous enemy Baka [see 10.11]. (9) Vatsa, as another calf hiding among the calves in order to kill Him, was killed by Him for a sport making him fall [throwing him in a tree] for kapittha fruits [see 10.11]. (10) Together with Balarâma killing the ass-demon [Dhenuka] and his companions secured He the safety of the Tâlavana forest that was full of ripe fruits [see 10.15]. (11) After arranging that the terrible Pralamba would be killed by the most powerful Balarâma, released He the animals of Vraja and the gopas from the forest fire [see 10.18 & 19]. (12) Subduing the chief of the snakes [Kâliya] with his so very poisonous fangs, defeated He his pride sending him with force away from the lake of the Yamunâ, and freed He thus the water from its poison [10. 16 & 17]. (13) Dear Nanda, how can it be that all of us inhabitants of Vraja can't give up our feelings of love for your son who from His side is just as natural towards us? (14) Considering His as a seven-years-old boy lifting the big hill has with us, o master of Vraja, raised questions about your son [what kind of tricks would He be pulling?].'
    (15) Nanda said: 'Please listen to my words dear gopas; let go of your doubt concerning the boy, this is what Garga in the past told me referring to this child [see also 10.8: 12-19 for the same verses]: (16) 'Three colors were by your son assumed in accepting bodies according each yuga [*]; white, red and also yellow. At present He is black. (17) Some time before was this child born as a son of Vasudeva and therefore will about this child of yours the ones who know this therefore also speak of Him as the all-beautiful Vâsudeva. (18) Of this son of yours there are many names and forms according the nature of His qualities and activities; I know of them, but not so the common folk. (19) This child will always act to what is most beneficial to you all in being a Nanda-Gokula cowherd; by Him will you all easily overcome all dangers [*3] (20) In times before were by Him, o King of Vraja, the pious who were disturbed by the rogues of a faulty rule protected so that they, with the bad ones defeated, could flourish [see also 1.3: 28]. (21) Like the ones close to Vishnu with Asuras, will those persons who unto this child are as greatly fortunate as to act in affection not be overcome by enemies. (22) Therefore, o Nanda, take the greatest care raising this child: in His qualities, opulences, name and fame is this son of yours as good as Nârâyana!' (23) Garga this way speaking gave me his advise and went home; I [ever since] consider Krishna, who frees us from all obstacles, an expansion of Nârâyana.'

    (24) Thus hearing the words of Nanda about what Garga had said worshiped the residents of Vraja, enlivened by Nanda and with their perplexity gone, Lord Krishna. (25) The demigod causing rain, angry of seeing his sacrifice disrupted, made the cowherds, animals and women suffer with lightning bolts, hail and winds; seeing Himself as their only shelter smiled He out of compassion and picked He, a small child, the hill up with one hand like it was a mushroom in order to protect the cowherd community - may He, the Indra of the Cows, the destroyer of the conceit of the great king of the sky, be satisfied with us!'