Chapter 28: Krishna Rescues Nanda Mahârâja from the Abode of Varuna
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    Chapter 28: Krishna Rescues Nanda Mahârâja from the Abode of Varuna

    (1) The son of Vyâsa said: 'Having fasted the eleventh day [of the lunar fortnight] and worshiped the Maintainer of All [Janârdana], entered Nanda the twelfth day the water of the Yamunâ for a bath. (2) A darkminded servant of Varuna seized him and lead him away who had neglected the rule that to enter the water during the night was of a godless timing. (3) O King, not seeing him called the gopas out loudly 'o Krishna, o Râma!' upon which the Supreme Lord finding out that the father had been taken away of Him, the Almighty who makes His people fearless, following went to where Varuna was. (4) When he saw that the Lord of the Senses had arrived did he, the presiding godhead of that region [of the waters], elaborately honor Him greatly being pleased to have Him present.

    (5) S'rî Varuna said: 'Today I may experience the true wealth of the success of my physical presence, o Lord, since those who earned the privilige to serve Your lotus feet have achieved the transcendence of their material life. (6) My obeisances unto You the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Absolute Truth and Soul Supreme who brought about the creation of this world and upon whom mâyâ has no influence. (7) That ignorant servant of mine was a fool not knowing his duty [*] when he brought to me this one who is Your father, I beg Your pardon, Your goodness. (8) Even to me o Krishna, o You who sees everything, please, be of mercy, o Govinda; to You, so full of care for Your parents, belongs definitely this one that is Your father.'

    (9) S'rî S'uka said: 'Thus satisfied took Krishna, the Supreme Lord and Controller of all Controllers, His father with Him and went He to His relatives whom He brought great pleasure. (10) Nanda who had never before met with the mighty opulence of the lord of the realm [of the waters] or witnessed the obeisances they [Varuna and his followers] offered Krishna, spoke amazed to his friends and relatives. (11) They, the gopas, listening eagerly, o King, with Him as their Controller thought: 'Maybe He's preparing us the grace of taking us to His transcendental abode!'

    (12) He, the Supreme Lord from His side, as the Seer of All understanding their dream of perfection, compassionately thought this: (13) 'For certain are the people in this world, who in oblivion with the desire of their activities wander between higher and lower ends, not aware of their proper destination.'

    (14-15) With this consideration showed the Supreme Lord Hari in great compassion the gopas His own abode beyond the darkness of matter: the true unlimited spiritual knowing that is the light [see brahma-jyoti] of the eternal absolute which indeed is seen by the sages who in trance are removed from the material qualities. (16) They were by Krishna brought to and submerged in the lake of the One Spirit [brahma-hrada] and lifted out saw they the abode of the Absolute Truth the way it before was seen by Akrûra [3.1: 32, 10.38 & 10.40]. (17) Nanda and the rest were upon that vision overwhelmed by supreme bliss and were most suprised to see Krishna there being praised with vedic hymns.'