Chapter 32: Krishna Returns to the Gopîs
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     Chapter 32: Krishna Returns to the Gopîs
    (1) S'rî S'uka said: 'Thus the gopîs went on singing and speaking, endearingly crying out aloud, hankering, o King, for the audience of Krishna. (2) The son of Vasudeva [or S'auri, 'the Son of the Hero'], the Bewilderer of [Cupid] the bewilderer of the mind, appeared directly before them smiling with His lotuslike face, wearing a yellow garment and a garland. (3) To see Him, their dearest, returned, opened the girls full of affection their eyes wide open and stood they all at the same time up as if life had returned to their bodies. (4) One of them joyfully seized the hand of S'auri with her folded palms while another one put His arm, adorned with sandalwood paste, around her shoulder. (5) A slender one with her hands joined took the remnants of the bethel He had chewed and another one took His lotus feet and placed them on her burning breasts. (6) One, with frowning eyebrows biting her lips was, beside herself in her love of God, agitated throwing sidelong looks like she would do something to Him. (7) Another one [said to be Râdhâ] with staring eyes relishing His lotus face could, although having the full taste, just like saints meditating on His feet, not get enough. (8) One of them, placed Him through the openings of her eyes in her heart and kept on embracing Him there with her eyes closed, while her hairs stood on end being drowned in ecstasy as if she was a yogi. [*] (9) All of them enjoying a supreme jubilation at the sight of Kes'ava gave up the distress of their separation, just like people in general do when they meet with a spiritually enlightened person. (10) In the midst of them, who were fully relieved of their sorrow, appeared Acyuta, the Supreme Lord, even more brilliant, my dearest, like the Original Personality surrounded by all His transcendental potencies. (11-12) The Almighty One taking them with Him arrived at the soft sandbanks of the Yamunâ that the auspicious river had collected by the hands of her waves. There the kunda and mandâra flowers with their bees bloomed fragrant in the autumnal breeze while the moon, plentifully shining, with its rays dispelled the dark of night. (13) By the ecstasy of seeing Him was the pain of the desires in their heart driven away; they attained the ultimate fulfillment of their souls as is revealed by the scriptures in arranging a seat for their dear friend with their shawls that were smeared by the kunkuma of their breasts [see also 10.87: 23]. (14) He, the Supreme Lord and Controller, for whom the masters of Yoga arrange a seat in their hearts, seated there resplendently was, present in the assembly of the gopîs thus exhibiting His personal form, worshiped as the exclusive reservoir of all beauty and opulence in the three worlds. (15) Honoring Him, the inciter of Cupid, with smiles, with playful glances, sporting their eyebrows and massaging the feet and hands upon their laps, offered they their praise, but still being somewhat incensed they addressed Him. (16) The fine gopîs said: 'Some answer to the love of those who respect them, some show respect [to the ones of action] while that is not the case and some are of no love for any of the two; please o dearest, tell us how it factually is.'
    (17) The Supreme Lord said: 'Those who as friends mutually reciprocate exclusively for their own sake, are in that endeavor indeed not to the principle, not of true friendship; they are only after their own self-interest. (18) They who devout are of mercy with those who do not reciprocate, the way e.g. one's parents are, are faultless to the principle in this and of real friendship, o slender girls. (19) Some are sure not even to answer to the love of the devout; what indeed should one say of those who do not reciprocate, of the [spiritually] self-satisfied, of the ones who have all their desires fulfilled, of the ingrates and of those who are inimical towards the venerable? (20) I then my friends, do not always reciprocate with those who are of worship so that their [- and your -] propensity is motivated and there with them, like with a poor man who is most afraid of losing his acquired wealth, is no thought of anything else [see also B.G. 4: 11 and 10.29: 27]. (21) Thus with your for My sake defying of what the people, the scriptures and your relatives say vanished I, My dear girls, actually reciprocating indeed with your compliance unto Me [**]; you should therefore not grumble about your Beloved, My dear ones. (22) Not even living as long as a god in heaven am I able to repay you who so free from deceit are worshiping Me; let that cutting with the difficult to overcome chains of your household lives be returned [be rewarded] by its own virtue.'