Chapter 44: The Wrestling Match and the Killing of Kamsa
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    Chapter 44: The Wrestling Match and the Killing of Kamsa
    (1) S'rî S'uka said: 'The Supreme Lord assenting to that [what Cânûra had said] then confronted Cânûra and so did the son of Rohinî with Mushthika. (2) Seizing their hands with their hands and locking their legs with their legs, pulled and pushed they each other with force to attain the victory. (3) With their elbows against their elbows, dealt they, knees against knees, head against head and chest against chest one another their blows. (4) Wheeling, shoving, crushing and throwing down, releasing, running in front and running behind, offered they each other resistance. (5) Lifting and carrying, pushing off and holding each other fast wanted they, harming themselves, the victory.

    (6) Feeling sorry about that fight between the weak and the strong assembled, to speak among themselves, all the women in groups, o King: (7) 'Alas, how great this lack of responsibility on the part of these people who, present in the king's assembly, are out to join the king in watching a fight between the strong and the weak. (8) At the one side we see the appearance of these two mountains of master wrestlers, all with limbs as strong as lightning, and at the other side are there those most tender limbs of the two youths who haven't attained maturity yet! (9) Clearly came it with this association to a break with the dharma. And there where unrighteousness has mounted, one should not remain for a moment longer! (10) A wise person should not attend an assembly where the members are out for deviating in improprieties, because one then consents in silence and under false pretexts subscribing to wrong assumptions will incur sin. (11) You should see how Krishna's lotuslike face because of darting around his foe is as wet of the exertion as the whorl of a lotusflower is with droplets of water. (12) Just see how Râma's face with eyes like copper in the anger with Mushthika is even more beautiful, with His laughing in His focus? (13) How meritorious indeed are the tracts of Vraja where the Primeval Original Personality in this disguise of human traits, with a wonderful variety of forest flowers, together with Balarâma, vibrating His flute and moving about in various pastimes, was herding the cows, while His feet are worshiped by the lord on the mountain [S'iva] and the goddess of fortune. (14) What austerities must the gopîs have performed to be allowed to drink in through their eyes the form of such a One essence of unequaled, unsurpassed loveliness perfect in itself, ever new and hard to reach as the only abode of fame, beauty and opulence? (15) They, the fortunate ladies of Vraja, while milking, threshing, churning, smearing [with the dung], swinging on swings, with crying babies, sprinkling and cleaning and so on, fondly thinking sing about Him, choked up with tears and have, by their consciousness of Urukrama, all they wish for. (16) Hearing Him playing the flute, together with the cows early in the morning leaving and late in the evening returning to Vraja, hurry the women outside meet on the road in utter piety with the smiling, merciful face and glances.'

    (17) As they were thus speaking decided the Supreme Lord, the Controller of Mystic Power, to kill His enemy, o hero of the Bhâratas. (18) Their parents [in prison] hearing of the women the words of concern about their sons, overwhelmed with sorrow burned in distress not knowing how strong their kids were. (19) As Acyuta and His opponent fought each other with all the different wrestling techniques, did Balarâma and Mushthika the same. (20) Due to the crushing, lightning hard blows dealt by the hands and feet of the Supreme Lord, was Cânûra, more and more feeling pained and exhausted, completely broken. (21) He with the speed of a hawk falling upon Him, both his hands clenching to fists, struck the Supreme Lord Vâsudeva enraged upon His chest. (22-23) Not moved by His blows like an elephant hit with a garland, seized the Lord Cânûra by his arms and whirled He him around several times to throw him with great force down to the earth so that he, crashing like a massive festival column, with his clothes, hair and garland all scattered, lost his life. (24-25) Likewise did also Mushthika, after striking the powerful Lord Balabhadra with his fist, receive a violent blow from His palm so that he trembling, giving up blood from his mouth, right where he stood lifeless fell to the ground, like a tree struck down by the wind. (26) Then was Kûtha, coming forward, nonchalantly with a left fist playfully killed by Râma, the best of all fighters, o King. (27) Next then did both S'ala and Tos'ala, struck in the head by the toes of Krishna and torn apart, come to fall. (28) With Cânûra, Mushthika, Kûtha, S'ala and Tos'ala being killed fled the remainder of the wrestlers in the hope to save their life. (29) Gathering with Their young cowherd friends sported They [Krishna and Râma] together with them, playing musical instruments and dancing about tinkling with Their anklebells. (30) Except for Kamsa rejoiced all the people over the accomplishment of Râma and Krishna while the best of the learned and the saintly exclaimed 'Excellent, excellent!'

    (31) With the best of his wrestlers killed and running off, silenced the bhoja king his instrumental music and spoke he the words: (32) 'Expel the two sons of Vasudeva who behaved so badly from the city, take the gopas their wealth and tie up that fool Nanda! (33) And Vasudeva who is so stupid, Ugrasena, my father the ignoramus and his followers, should all, for their siding with the enemy, be killed right away.'

    (34) With Kamsa thus raving indeed extremely mad, jumped the Imperishable Lord with ease high up to swiftly climb upon the high royal dais. (35) Seeing Him, his own death, approaching, got he, smart enough, up from his seat immediately and took he up his sword and shield. (36) Kamsa, sword in hand moving about left and right as quick as a hawk in the sky, was by force of the irresistible and fearsome strength seized like a snake would by the son of Târkshya [Garuda]. (37) Grabbing him by the hair, slipped the crown from his head and hurled the One with the Lotus Navel him down from the high platform into the wrestling arena after which He, the Independent Support of the Entire Universe, jumped on top of him. (38) Like a lion with an elephant dragged He him dead along the ground before the eyes of all the people of whom then arose a loudly sounded 'Ooo..h, ooooh', o King of the humans. (39) Since he, constantly anxious of mind, had seen Him, the Controller with the cakra in His hand, before him wherever he drank or ate, walked, slept or breathed, achieved he therefore that same so difficult to achieve form [see also sârûpya 10.41: 42 and 10.29: 13]. (40) His eight younger brothers Kanka, Nyagrodhaka and the rest, infuriated ran forward in attack to make Him pay for their brother. (41) Thus rushing ahead ready to strike were they beaten down by Balarâma, who like the lion king with the animals wielded His club. (42) Kettledrums resounded in the sky, Brahmâ, S'iva, the other gods and the ones empowered pleased chanted praises and showered flowers upon Him as their wives danced.

    (43) The wives, o Emperor, grieving over the death of their well-wishers approached there with tears in their eyes beating their heads. (44) Embracing their husbands lying on the hero's bed, lamented the women loudly shedding a river of tears: (45) "Alas, o master, o dearest, o defender of the holy duty, o kindness, o you so full of compassion; together with your being killed have we, your household and offspring, been killed. (46) Bereft of you, the master, does this city just like us, o most heroic of men, not appear as beautiful with the festivity and bliss all ended. (47) The terrible violence you've committed against innocent living creatures brought you in this condition, o dearest; how can he who causes harm to other living beings end well? (48) He who is neglectful of this One, Him who of all living beings in this world is for certain the origin, maintenance and disappearance, can never prosper in happiness.'

    (49) S'rî S'uka said: 'The Supreme Lord, the Sustainer of All Worlds, consoling the wives around the king, as enjoined arranged for the funeral rites for the deceased. (50) Thereafter did Krishna and Râma as well free their father and mother from their fetters, proving their respect by touching their feet with their heads. (51) Devakî and Vasudeva in recognition of [Them as] the Controllers of the Universe paying their respects with joined palms, apprehensively didn't embrace their sons.'