Part 3
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    Summum Bonum
    Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead

    Part 3

    Chapter 46
    Uddhava Spends the Night in Gokula Talking with Nanda
    Chapter 58
    Krishna also Weds Kâlindî, Mitravindâ, Satyâ, Lakshmanâ and Bhadrâ
    Chapter 47
    The Gopî Reveals Her Emotions: The Song of the Bee
    Chapter 59
    Mura and Bhauma Killed and the Prayers of Bhûmi
    Chapter 48
    Krishna Pleases His Devotees
    Chapter 60
    Lord Krishna Teases Queen Rukminî
    Chapter 49
    Akrûra's Mission in Hastinâpura
    Chapter 61
    Lord Balarâma Slays Rukmî at Aniruddha's Wedding
    Chapter 50
    Krishna Uses Jarâsandha and Establishes the City of Dvârakâ
    Chapter 62
    Ûshâ in Love and Aniruddha Apprehended
    Chapter 51
    The Deliverance of Mucukunda  
    Chapter 63
    The Fever in Conflict and Bâna Defeated
    Chapter 52
    The Lords Leap from a Mountain and Rukminî's Message to Lord Kri...
    Chapter 64
    On Stealing from a Brahmin: King Nriga a Chameleon
    Chapter 53
    Krishna Kidnaps Rukminî
    Chapter 65
    Lord Balarâma in Vrindâvana and the Stream Divided
    Chapter 54
    Rukmî's Defeat and Krishna Married
    Chapter 66
    The False Vâsudeva Paundraka and His Son Consumed by Their Own Fire
    Chapter 55
    The History of Pradyumna
    Chapter 67
    Balarâma Slays the Ape Dvivida
    Chapter 56
    How the Syamantaka jewel Brought Krishna Jâmbavatî and Satyabhâmâ
    Chapter 68
    The Marriage of Sâmba and the Kuru City Dragged Trembling of His Ang...
    Chapter 57
    Satrâjit Murdered, the Jewel Stolen and Returned Again