Chapter 48: Krishna Pleases His Devotees
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    Chapter 48: Krishna Pleases His Devotees

    (1) S'rî S'uka said: 'The Supreme Lord, the Soul of All and Seer of Everything, with understanding [for what Uddhava had reported] wishing to please [as He had promised 10.42: 12], went to the house of the serving girl [Trivakrâ] who was troubled by lust [see 10.42: 10]. (2) It was rich with expensive furnishings, replete with sensual articles and was beautified with strings of pearls and banners, canopies, beds and seats as also fragrant incense, oil lamps, flower garlands and sandalwood. (3) She, seeing Him arriving at her house, immediately rose to her feet to hurry with her female companions to welcome Acyuta properly who was respectfully greeted with an excellent seat and so on. (4) Uddhava also worshiped, saintly as he was, touched the seat [offered to him] and sat on the floor, and Krishna, faithful to the ways of human society, without delay laid Himself upon a luxurious bed [in the inner chambers]. (5) She by bathing, anointing, dressing up with ornaments, garlands and perfume, bethel nut and drinking fragrant fluids and so on, prepared her body and then shy and with playful smiles approached Mâdhava with tempting glances. (6) Calling forward the lovely woman, who fearful of the new contact [as a virgin] was shy, seized He her two hands that were ornamented with bangles and placed He the beauty on the bed to enjoy with her whose only proof of piety had been the offering of ointment. (7) Smelling the feet of the Unlimited Lord, embracing within her arms, between her breasts, her Lover, the Personification of All Ecstasy, wiped the pain away that because of Cupid burned in her breasts, chest and eyes, so that she could let go of her so very long standing distress. (8) She with having offered Him, the Master of Enlightenment, body ointment, had obtained the Controller so hard to obtain, and begged, oh how unfortunate [compare 4.9: 31], the following: (9) 'Please stay here together with me for a few days o Beloved, please enjoy, I cannot bear to give up Your association, o Lotusflower-eyes.'

    (10) He with Respect for Others, in respect of her, [promising to come back for that purpose later,] granted her the boon of her material desire after which the Lord of All, together with Uddhava, went back to His supremely opulent residence. (11) He who in full worship of Vishnu, the Controller of All Controllers, who is so difficult to keep in mind, as a benediction chooses for something easy to the mind is by that way obtaining an insignificant result a person of a poor intelligence [see also 7.15: 36].

    (12) Krishna, the Master, who wanted some things to be done then with Uddhava and Râma went to the home of Akrûra with also the desire to please Akrûra. (13-14) When he saw Them, the greatest of all illustrious personalities from a distance, rose he joyfully with his relatives to embrace Them for a welcome. Bowed down to Krishna and Râma was he greeted by Them and was he of worship according the injunctions after They had taken their seats. (15-16) The water he had used to wash Their feet he sprinkled over all his head, o King, after which he presented gifts, the finest clothing, sandalwood, garlands and excellent ornaments. With his head bowed down being of worship placed he His feet on his lap for a massage, and addressed he face down with humility Krishna and Râma as follows: (17) 'To our good fortune have the two of You killed the sinful Kamsa as also his brothers and followers and has this dynasty of Yours been delivered from endless troubles and been made prosperous. (18) You two are the principal persons who of the Universe are the cause and the substance apart of whom there is not a single cause or effect to be found. (19) This universe created by You, You subsequently entered by Your own energies so that You can be perceived in many forms knowable by hearing from the scriptures and direct experience. (20) The way indeed the earth and other elements manifest themselves variously in species of beings mobile and immobile, do You, the Single One Self-reliant Self, the Supersoul, the same way in various forms of life appear to be manifold among them. (21) You create and then destroy; You protect the universe but are by Your qualities, the personal energies, the modes of passion, ignorance and goodness or by their material activities not bound to this world; for when You are knowledge itself, what would for You then be a cause of bondage? (22) Because You are not determined by the coverings of the body and so on is there no literal birth or duality to Your Self and therefore exists there no bondage for You, nor in fact any liberation [compare 10.14: 26]; and if they show is that to Your sweet will so [see e.g. 10.11: 7] so or either of our erroneous notions about You [like in 10.23: 10-11]. (23) For the benefit of this universe was by the ancient path proclaimed of the Veda and do You assume a form in the mode of goodness at the time the path is obstructed by the wicked ones who adhere to godlessness. (24) You as that very same person o Master, has now descended in the home of Vasudeva with Your Own plenary portion [Balarâma] to remove from this earth here the burden of the hundreds of armies by killing their kings [see also 1.11: 34], who are expansions of the adversaries of the god-fearing [see e.g. 7.1: 40-46], and to spread the fame of the [Yadu] dynasty. (25) Today, o Lord, is our residence indeed extremely fortunate with You, Adhokshaja, having entered; You, the Spiritual Master of the Universe, the God of all the forefathers and living beings, the humans and the gods; You as the embodiment of Him from whose feet has washed the water [of the Ganges, see 5.17] that purifies the three worlds. (26) What other scholar is there but You; to whom else should we turn for shelter but to You, the well-wisher who in Your words of love for Your devotees are always true; to You who, grateful to the devoted who positive with You are of worship, gives all that is desired, even Yourself - You to whom there is never diminution or increase [see also B.G. 2: 40]. (27) To our fortune have we here with us before our eyes You who even for the masters of yoga and the rulers of the godly are a goal hard to reach; please swiftly cut through our ties of delusion resulting from Your material energy: our children, wife, wealth, honorable friends, our home, body and so on.'

    (28) Thus worshiped profusely by His devotee smiled Krishna the Supreme Lord at Akrûra and spoke He with words that as good as swept him of his feet. (29) The Supreme Lord said: 'You, our paternal uncle and praiseworthy friend, are our spiritual master and always are We your dependents to be protected, maintained and graced. (30) People like your good self are of the worshipable ones the most eminent, worthy to be served by men who desire the most saintly, highest good, for while demigods are always after their own interests, are the saintly devotees not so. (31) Not to deny the sacred places consisting of water or else deities made of clay and stone: they purify in the course of time, but the saints do so by being seen only once. (32) Of all our well-wishers are you no doubt the very best; I want you please to go for Us to the city named to the elephant [Hastinâpura] and find out what for the sake of their welfare for the Pândavas needs to be done. (33) When their father died were they as young boys together with their mother in distress by the king [Dhritarâshthra] brought to his own capital city, where they thus are residing, so I've heard. (34) Toward the sons of his bother [Pându] was the king, the son of Ambikâ [see 9.22: 25], so wretched of mind, really not equally disposed, blind of vision as he was being under the control of his wicked sons [one hundred of them lead by Duryodhana, 9.22: 26]. (35) Go and learn whether he in his actions at present is good or evil so that to that knowledge we can arrange for what is to the benefit of our dear friends.'

    (36) In full instructing Akrûra with these words went the Supreme Lord, the Supreme Personality of Control, with Uddhava and Sankarshana then to His own residence.'