Part 4
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    Summum Bonum
    Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead

    Part 4

    Chapter 69
    Nârada Muni's Vision of Krishna in His Household Affairs
    Chapter 80
    An Old Brahmin Friend Visits Krishna
    Chapter 70
    Krishna's Routines, Troubles and Nârada Pays Another Visit
    Chapter 81
    The Brahmin Honored: Lord Krishna the Godhead of the Brahmins
    Chapter 71
    The Lord Travels to Indraprastha on Advice of Uddhava
    Chapter 82
    All Kings and the Inhabitants of Vrindâvana on Pilgrimage Reunite wi...
    Chapter 72
    Jarâsandha Killed by Bhîma and the Kings Freed
    Chapter 83
    Draupadî Meets the Queens of Krishna
    Chapter 73
    Lord Krishna Blesses the Liberated Kings
    Chapter 84
    Vasudeva of Sacrifice to the Sages at Kurukshetra Explaining the Pat...
    Chapter 74
    The Râjasûya: Krishna the First and S'is'upâla Killed
    Chapter 85
    Lord Krishna Instructs Vasudeva and Retrieves Devakî's Sons
    Chapter 75
     Concluding the Râjasûya and Duryodhana Laughed at
    Chapter 86
    Arjuna Kidnaps Subhadrâ, and Krishna Instructs Bahulas'va and S&...
    Chapter 76
    The Battle Between S'âlva and the Vrishnis
    Chapter 87
    The Underlying Mystery: Prayers of the Personified Vedas
    Chapter 77
     S'âlva and the Saubha-fortress Finished
    Chapter 88
    Lord S'iva Saved from Vrikâsura
    Chapter 78
    Dantavakra Killed and Romaharshana Beaten with a Blade of Grass
    Chapter 89
    Vishnu the Best of the Gods and the Krishnas Retrieve a Brahmin'...
    Chapter 79
    Lord Balarâma Slays Balvala and Visits the Holy Places
    Chapter 90
    The Queens Play and Speak and Lord Krishna's Glories Summarized