Chapter 82: All Kings and the Inhabitants of Vrindâvana on Pilgrimage Reunite with Krishna
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    Chapter 82: All Kings and the Inhabitants of Vrindâvana on Pilgrimage Reunite with Krishna

    (1) S'rî S'uka said: 'Then, as Râma and Krishna were living in Dvârakâ, was there one day [*] an eclipse of the sun as impressive as the end of the day of Brahmâ. (2) The people knowing that beforehand, o King, came from everywhere to the field of Samanta-pañcaka ['the five lakes' at Kurukshetra] in the hope to benefit therefrom. (3-6) It is the place where Lord Paras'urâma, the greatest wielder of weapons, having rid the earth of its rulers with the streams of blood of the kings created the great lakes [see 9.16: 18-19]. Bhagavân Paras'urâma to that was, even though He was unaffected by karmic reactions, as the Controller to instruct the world in general of worship there like he was another [a common] person wishing to dispel the sin. So came, o son of Bharata, for the occasion a great number of people of Bhârata there on a holy pilgrimage. The Vrishnis, including Akrûra, Vasudeva, Âhuka [Ugrasena] and others wishing to eradicate their sins, went all to that holy place while Gada, Pradyumna and others with Sucandra, S'uka and Sârana and the army commander Kritavarmâ, remained home to guard the city. (7-8) Like effulgent Vidyâdharas came they in their chariots which resembled the seats of the gods, moving in waves with horses and bellowing elephants and masses of foot soldiers. Resplendent with their wives, with golden necklaces, flower garlands, attire and armor, appeared they on the road as supremely divine and majestic as the ones traveling through the sky. (9) The greatly pious Yâdavas bathing and fasting there, with careful attention for the brahmins donated cows, garments, garlands, gold and necklaces. (10) In the lakes of Paras'urâma as prescribed once more taking a bath [the next day to conclude their fast], prayed the Vrishnis, to their feeding of the twiceborn sumptuously with the finest food: 'Let there be our devotion for Krishna.' (11) Then ate the Vrishnis with the permission of Krishna as their exclusive deity, comfortably sitting down in the cool shade of the trees. (12-13) They, having arrived there, saw their friends and relatives, the kings of the Matsyas, Us'înaras, Kaus'alyas, Vidarbhas, Kurus, Sriñjayas, Kâmbojas, Kaikayas, Madras, Kuntîs, Ânartas, Keralas and others, as also hundreds of allies and adversaries o King. They also met their friends, the gopas and gopîs headed by Nanda who had been anxious for so long [to see them]. (14) Meeting again embraced they each other firmly experiencing the greatest delight with streams of tears, goose-pimpels and a choked-up voice, to which, because of the emotions, their hearts and faces bloomed as beautiful as lotuses. (15) The women seeing one another, with great eyes filled with tears of pure love, smiled with the greatest friendship and closed each other in their arms pressing breasts to breasts that were smeared with kunkum paste. (16) Next proved they their respects to the elders and received they obeisances from their younger relatives. After they had inquired after their well-being and the comfort of their journey proceeded they with talking amongst each other about Krishna.
    (17) Kuntî seeing her brothers and sisters and their children, as well as her parents, her sisters-in-law and Mukunda, gave up her sorrow as she talked to them. (18) Kuntî said: 'O respectable one, o brother, I feel frustrated in my desires because you, however saintly you are, didn't think of what happened to me in my misfortune [see also 1.8: 24]! (19) Friends, relatives - sons, brothers and parents even - easily forget the one among them who is faring less in life.'

    (20) S'rî Vasudeva said: 'Dearest, don't be cross with us, men are the playthings of fate, because a person, whether he acts on his own accord or is directed by others, is always under the control of the Lord. (21) Severely troubled by Kamsa we scattered in all directions [see 10.2: 7 and 10.4]; only now have we by Divine Ordinance been restored to our proper positions, o sister.'

    (22) S'rî S'uka said: 'All the kings there honored by Vasudeva, Ugrasena and the other Yâdavas, found peace in the supreme ecstacy of seeing Acyuta. (23-26) Bhîshma, Drona, the son of Ambikâ [Dhritarâshthra], Gândhârî with her sons as also the Pândavas and their wives, Kuntî, Sañjaya, Vidura and Kripa; Kuntîbhoja and Virâtha, Bhîshmaka, the great Nagnajit, Purujit, Drupada, S'alya, Dhrishthaketu, and he, the king of Kâs'i;  Damaghosha, Vis'âlâksha, the kings of Maithila, Madra and Kekaya, Yudhâmanyu and Sus'armâ and Bâhlika and others with their sons, as also, o best of kings, many other kings resorting under Yudhishthhira, were all amazed to see the abode of S'rî, the personal form of S'âuri, along with His wives. (27) Duely from Râma and Krishna having received proof of respect, praised the kings on their turn filled with joy, enthusiastically the Vrishnis, the personal associates of Krishna: (28) 'O master of the Bhojas [Ugrasena], you've chosen a birth worthwile among men in this world, because you repeatedly see Krishna, who even by the yogis is rarely seen. (29-30) His fame as vibrated by the Vedas, the water washing from His feet and the words of the revealed scriptures thoroughly purify this universe [see also B.G. 15: 15]. By the touch of His lotus-like feet has, even though her good fortune was ravaged by Time, the vitality of the earth awakened and rains she in abundance rain down upon us all that we desire. With seeing Him, touching Him and walking, conversing, lying down, sitting, eating, being married to and being connected with Him as a blood-relative, have you traveling the [normally] hellish path of family life now found Vishnu, the liberation and heaven who constitutes the cessation [of one's search in life. See also 5.14 and 7.14 and B.G. 11: 41-42].'

    (31) S'rî S'uka said: 'Nanda finding out that the Yadus with Krishna going first had arrived there, went to see Him, accompanied by the gopas with their belongings on their wagons. (32) Delighted to see Him sprung the Vrishnis to life as if awakened from death and embraced they Him firmly, all exited about His presence after so long a time. (33) Vasudeva, beside himself of love overenjoyed embracing, remembered the troubles created by Kamsa because of which he had to leave his sons in Gokula [see 10.3 & 10.5]. (34) Krishna and Râma embracing their [foster] parents offered Their respects and said, with throats filled with tears of love, nothing, o greatest hero of the Kurus. (35) Raising their sons on their laps and holding Them in their arms gave the so very fortunate two, he and Yas'odâ, up their sorrow [of being separated]. (36) Rohinî and Devakî next embraced the queen of Vraja and addressed her with their throats full of tears, remembering what she had done [for them] in her friendship: (37) 'What woman can forget the unceasing friendship of you and Nanda, o queen of Vraja; not even obtaining the wealth of Indra would do to repay you in this world. (38) Before these Two could see their parents received They, residing with the two of you as their [foster] parents, the education and affection, nourishment and protection, my good lady. In the custody of you saints, who are strange to no one and as good of protection as eyelids to the eyes, had They nothing to fear.'

    (39) S'rî S'uka said: 'The gopîs after so long a time seeing Krishna, their object of desire - for seeing whom they'd curse the maker of their eyelids [see 10.31: 15] - all took with their eyes Him into their hearts to embrace Him there to their satisfaction and attained the ecstatic absorbtion that even for the ones constantly engaged in meditation is difficult to attain. (40) The Supreme Lord approaching them more privately informed, embracing them, after their health and said with a smile the following: (41) 'Dear girlfriends, do you still remember Us, We who intent on destroying the enemy party because of that duty stayed away so long? (42) Maybe you think bad of Us being afraid that We've put you out of Our mind - but in fact is it the Supreme Lord who brings together and separates the living beings. (43) The way the wind brings together masses of clouds, grass, cotton and dust, and scatters them again, is the Creator of the living doing the same with His beings [compare 10.5: 24-25]. (44) By the love for Me that in good fortune developed on the part of your good selves, have you obtained Me; and indeed is it the devotional service to Me that leads the living beings to immortality [compare B.G. 9.33]. (45) Like the ether, the water, the earth, the air and the fire of material things, o ladies, am I verily inside present as well as outside, am I the beginning as well as the end of all created beings . (46) These material entities, who this way exist within the elements of creation and as well exist as the âtmâ [the Soul, self and person] that according its own true nature pervades all, you should see as both being present within Me, within the Imperishable, Supreme Truth  and siddhânta].'

    (47) S'rî S'uka said: 'The gopîs, who with this instruction about the âtmâ thus were instructed by Krishna, eradicated with the help of the constant meditation on Him the subtle covering of the soul [see linga, 7.2: 47 and 4.29] and arrived at the full understanding of Him. (48) They said: 'With that what You said o Lord with the Lotusnavel, we wish that our minds, however they are engaged in household affairs, are ever vigilant to Your lotus feet that by the great yogis and highly learned philosophers are kept in their hearts to meditate upon, for they are, for those who fell in the dark well of a material existence, the only shelter for reaching the other side.