Canto 11- General History
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    General History
    The end of the dynasty, king Nimi and the Yogendras
    and Lord Krishna instructs Uddhava

    Chapter 1
    The Curse Upon the Yadu Dynasty
    Chapter 17
    The Varnâs'rama System and the Boat of Bhakti: the Students and ...
    Chapter 2
    Mahârâja Nimi Meets the Nine Yogendras
    Chapter 18
    The Varnâs'rama System: the Withdrawn and the Renounced
    Chapter 3
    Liberation from Mâyâ and Karma Knowing and Worshiping the Lord
    Chapter 19
    The Perfection of Spiritual Knowledge
    Chapter 4
    The Activities of Nara-Nârâyana and the other Avatâras described
    Chapter 20
    Trikânda Yoga: Bhakti Surpasses Knowledge and Detachment
    Chapter 5
    Nârada Concludes His Teachings to Vasudeva
    Chapter 21
    On Distinguishing between Good and Bad
    Chapter 6
    Retirement on the Advise of Brahmâ and Uddhava Addressed in Private
    Chapter 22
    Prakriti and Purusha: Nature and the Enjoyer
    Chapter 7
    Krishna Speaks about the Masters of the Avadhûta and the Pigeon of At...
    Chapter 23
     Forbearance: the Song of the Avantî Brâhmana
    Chapter 8
    What One Learns from Nature and the Story of Pingalâ
    Chapter 24
    Analytic Knowledge, Sânkhya, Summarized
    Chapter 9
    Detachment from All that is Material
    Chapter 25
    The Three Modes of Nature and Beyond
    Chapter 10
    The Soul Free, the Soul Bound
    Chapter 26: The Song of Purûravâ
    Chapter 11
    Bondage and Liberation Explained and the Saintly Person His Devotion...
    Chapter 27
    On Respecting the Form of God
    Chapter 12
    The Confidential Secret Beyond Renunciation and Knowledge
    Chapter 28
    Jñâna Yoga or the Denomination and the Real
    Chapter 13
    The Hamsa-avatâra Answers the Questions of the Sons of Brahmâ
    Chapter 29
    Bhakti Yoga: the Most Auspicious way to Conquer Death
    Chapter 14
    The Devotional Coherence of the Methods and the Meditation on Vishnu
    Chapter 30
    The Disappearance of the Yadu-dynasty
    Chapter 15
    Mystical Perfection: the Siddhis
    Chapter 31
    The Ascension of Lord Krishna  
    Chapter 16
    The Lord's Opulence