Chapter 26: The Song of Purûravâ
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    Chapter 26: The Song of Purûravâ (1) The Supreme Lord said: 'Having acquired this human body one achieves, situated in My dharma under My direction, the Supreme Soul of Spiritual Happiness, Me who is situated in the heart. (2) The soul who by devotedly keeping to the knowledge of self-realisation was completely liberated from that what set him apart materially [his identification], does not get entangled in the midst of the material products of the modes of nature that, temporary as they are, constitute nothing essential despite of the fact that they before his eyes here and now appear as something real. (3) One should never at any time seek the company of materialists devoted to the gratification of their genitals and bellies because they who follow such people, just like a blind man following a blind man, will fall into the darkest pit. (4) The descendant of Ilâ [Aila or Purûravâ, see also 9.14: 15-16], the well-known great emperor, sang the following mighty song when he managed to put an end to his bewilderment by taking heart in the detachment he felt in his separation from Urvas'î. (5) When she abandoned him he ran after her naked crying out to her like a madman as she left: 'O my wife, o you terrible woman, please stop!' (6) After all the years of gratifying his insignificant lusts still not being satisfied, he, whose mind was possessed by Urvas'î, didn't realize how many nights and days had passed that way.

    (7) Aila said: 'How regrettable is the extent of my delusion! With my consciousness contaminated by lust I, by this goddess being seized by the neck, didn't notice the passing of my life time. (8) Under her spell I had, alas, for so many years comprising so many days, really no idea whether the sun was rising or setting. (9) How unfortunate is that total bewilderment of mine because of which the body of this mighty emperor, this crown jewel of kings, became a cuddly toy for women! (10) When she abandoned me, the mighty controller, with all of my kingdom as if I were a blade of grass, I ran, crying out like a madman, naked after the woman. (11) Where now is the influence, strength, sovereignty of the person who I am? I ran after this woman leaving me, just like an ass that with a hoof is being kicked in the face for punishment! (12) What's the use of knowledge, austerities and renunciation, of listening to the scriptures, of solitude and silence for him whose mind is stolen by women? (13) To hell with the fool I am who doesn't know his own best interest, I who thought he was a scholar in achieving the position of lord and controller, but just like a bullock or ass was conquered by women! (14) For so many years serving Urvas'î's lips I, with the lust born from my mind, never got enough of the nectar, just like a fire that is never satisfied by oblations. (15) Who else but the Lord of the Sages Satisfied Within, the Supreme Lord Beyond the Senses, would be capable of freeing someone else who lost his mind with a woman of pleasure? (16) Out of control with myself I, dull-minded, saw no end to my confusion, even though the goddess eloquently gave me advice [see 9.14: 20-22]. (17) What would she have done wrong to a 'seer' like me who, taking a rope for a snake has no idea what he's really dealing with? I'm the one out of control with his senses isn't it? (18) What does this filthy body, unclean, full of bad odors, have to offer, what are those 'blossoming qualities' and so on anyway, they are clearly a false appearance sprouting from ignorance! (19-20) One can never decide whether this body is the property of one's parents, wife, employer, fire, the dogs and jackals, the soul or one's friends. One gets [nevertheless] attached to this abominable matter and praises it in case of a woman for having such a cute nose, beautiful smile and face, but one heads with it for the lowest destination. (21) In what sense would one differ from worms when one enjoys that what is composed of skin, flesh, blood, muscle, fat, marrow and bone, urine, stool and pus? (22) A man understanding what's best for him, should never even think to run after women or associate with men who chase women, this for the sole reason that the mind united with the senses reaches for sense-objects and thus gets agitated [compare 5.5: 2, 7.12: 9, 9.19: 17, 9.14: 36]. (23) A thing not heard or seen gives no rise to mental agitation, for someone who is not using his senses becomes pacified, he has his mind under control. (24) When the senses, with the six enemies of the spirit [shath-varga], cannot even by wise men be trusted, then what to say of persons like me? That's why one shouldn't get attached to women or seek the company of men attached to women [see also yoshita].'

    (25) The Supreme Lord said: 'He who as the god of gods and men thus sang his song [of complaint], then gave up the world of Urvas'i. With realizing Me, the Supersoul, in his heart, he found peace while the transcendental knowledge put an end to his illusion. (26) Someone intelligent therefore does away with bad association. He better gets attached to devotees, because one only with the words of the saintly cuts with the deep attachment of one's mind. (27) The devoted with their minds fixed on Me do not depend [on lusts] and are with an equal minded vision completely peaceful and free from possessiveness, false ego, the dualities and greed. (28) O most fortunate one, these greatly fortunate souls are constantly discussing My stories, and these discussions have the power to completely eradicate the sins of anyone participating in them. (29) They who hear, chant and respectfully take them to heart, the faithful ones of that resolve, reach My devotional service. (30) What else would there remain [to be accomplished] for a devotee who has achieved My devotional service, the service of Me, the One of Countless Qualities who is the Absolute Truth Comprising the Experience of Spiritual Happiness. (31) The way cold, fear and darkness will dissolve for the one who resorts to the supreme grace of fire [viz. Agni], are similarly the dullness, sense of danger and ignorance removed of someone who serves the saintly. (32) For those who submerge and rise up again in the fearful ocean of material life are the saintly devotees, who are so peaceful in understanding the Absolute, a supreme shelter as good as a strong boat in the water for the drowning [compare 11.23: 28 and 11.17: 44]. (33) With food as that what gives life to the living entities, with Me as the shelter of the distressed and the religion as the asset for men passing away, are the devotees the refuge for those in fear of falling down. (34) The devotees offer one one's eyes while the sun shows the outer world after having risen; the devotees are the ones worshipable, they are one's [true] relatives, just as they are one's very soul and represent Me as well [see e.g. 1.1: 15, 3.5: 47, 3.6: 28, 11.2: 6]. (35) He [Purûravâ] who for that reason had surrendered himself to the Supreme, thus freed from desiring after the world of Urvas'î, traveled, liberated from all attachment, truly satisfied within himself this earth.'