Krishna Kill Satadhanava
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    Krishna Kill Satadhanava

    Krishna refused to accept the Syamantaka jewel from Satrajit, and told him to keep it safely, as it had the power to wipe out all sorrow, and destruction. The news of the jewel spread like wild fire. A lot of people desired to own the jewel. A wicked man, Satadhanva, led one such group. One day, he broke into Satrajit's chamber to steal the Syamantaka When the king protested, Satadhanva killed him mercilessly.

    Satrajit's daughter, Satyabhama quickly informed Krishna about the Krishna forgiving Akruragruesome incident. Upon hearing the news, Krishna lamented the loss of the noble king and vowed to recover the jewel at any cost. Krishna, accompanied by Balarama, arrived at Dwarka to search for Satadhanva. Meanwhile, Satadhanva, upon hearing Krishna's arrival, fled to the city of Dwarka to seek refuge at his friend Akrura's house.

    Akrura refused to help saying that they could not fight Krishna. Just as Satadhanva left Akrura's house Krishna arrived. He caught hold of Satadhanava and killed him. However, Krishna knew that Satadhanava was not alone in the conspiracy. He called a meeting at his court and asked Akrura to show the jewel. Everybody was started to hear Akrura's name. Krishna, being the Almighty, knew that his uncle too was part of this wrong deed. Akrura fell at Krishna's feet, and asked for forgiveness.