Trinavarta and Krishna
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    Trinavarta and Krishna

    One day, Yashoda got busy in her household chores and she left baby Krishna in the courtyard all by himself. Just then, Kansa's IKrishna and Trinavartaservant, the demon Trinavarta, appeared in the form of a whirlwind and flew away with the child.

    Raising a whirlpool of dust all across the city of Gokul, Trinavarta rocketed higher and higher into the sky. The entire city was covered with a dense cloud of dust, so thick that nobody could see anything Yashoda got alarmed and unable to find her baby, wept aloud.

    Trinavarta tried to take the baby on his shoulders, but Krishna made himself very heavy. Unable to bear Krishna's growing load, he was forced to come down on the ground.

    Krishna became as huge as a mountain and grabbed Trinavarta's neck. The demon tried to get out of the clutches of Krishna. Just then Krishna released him and he fell with a huge thud over Gokul and died.