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    The Vision

    As a child, Krishna was very naughty. He was very fond of butter and would often steal milk and butter from other houses, and the women would come complaining to Yashoda about her son's mischievous activities.

    One day, while playing in the fields, little Krishna secretly ate mud. His friends went and told Yashoda about this. When Krishna returned home,  Yashoda caught Krishna by his ears and scolded him for putting dirt in his mouth. Krishna promptly replied that he had had a fight with his friends in the morning and to take revenge they were all lying and that Yashoda shouldn't believe them. He said that she was being unfair as she believed them instead of believing her son.

    Yashoda knew her son too well. She ordered, "If you have not taken any mud, then open your mouth. I shall see for myself."

    Krishna obediently opened his mouth. Krishna and YashodaBut when Yashoda peered into his mouth, she was wonderstruck. She saw the entire universe: the mountains the oceans, the planets, air, fire, moon and the stars in his small mouth. Yashoda was stunned and began to wonder whether she were dreaming or actually seeing something extraordinary. She fell on the ground, unconscious.

    When she recovered, she realised what had happened. The Lord Almighty, in all his glory, was before her very eyes. It was little Krishna, the incarnation of Vishnu. Yashoda took the little boy on her lap and hugged him and cried with joy.