The Parijataka Tree
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    The Parijataka Tree

    During samudra manthan (churning of the ocean), the gods had obtained Parijataka, the tree with divine fragrance. This tree was planted in the garden of Indra, the king of gods. One day, Sage The Parijataka treeNarada went to this garden and collected some flowers that had fallen from the tree and gave them to Rukmini, Krishna's wife. Rukmini was very happy but when Satyabhama, another wife of Krishna, smelled its fragrance, she asked Krishna to bring her the tree. After defeating Indra, Krishna brought the tree on earth. But a quarrel started between Rukmini and Satyabhama, as both of them wanted the tree.

    Krishna planted the tree in Satyabhama's courtyard in such a way that its flowers fell in Rukmini's house and in this way both his wives were happy.