CANTO 3: The Status Quo
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    The Status Quo

    Maitreya dilates on the Universal Form, the Time
    and the appearance of Brahmâ and His sages,
    the demons and the first avatâras Varâha and Kapila.


    Chapter 1
    Questions by Vidura
    Chapter 11
    Division of Time Expanding from the Atom
    Chapter 2
    Remembrance of Lord Krishna
    Chapter 12
    Creation of the Kumâras and Others
    Chapter 3
    The Lord's Pastimes Outside of Vrindâvana
    Chapter 13
    The Appearance of Lord Varâha
    Chapter 4
    Vidura Approaches Maitreya
    Chapter 14
    Impregnation of Diti in the Evening
    Chapter 5
    Vidura Talks with Maitreya
    Chapter 15
    Description of the Kingdom of God
    Chapter 6
    Manifestation of the Universal Form
    Chapter 16
    The Two Doorkeepers of Vaikunthha Cursed by the Sages
    Chapter 7
    Further Inquiries by Vidura
    Chapter 17
    Victory of Hiranyâksha over All the Directions of the Universe
    Chapter 8
    Manifestation of Brahmâ from Garbhodakas'âyî Vishnu
    Chapter 18
    The Battle Between Lord Boar and the Demon Hiranyâksha
    Chapter 9
    Brahmâ's Prayers for Creative Energy
    Chapter 19
    The Killing of the Demon Hiranyâksha
    Chapter 10
    Divisions of the Creation

     Canto 3b

    Chapter 20
    The Beings Created by Brahmâ
    Chapter 27
    Liberation from Falsehood
    Chapter 21
    The Conversation Between Manu and Kardama
    Chapter 28
    Kapila's Instructions on the Execution of Devotional Service
    Chapter 22
    The Marriage of Kardama Muni and Devahûti
    Chapter 29
    Explanation of Devotional Service by Lord Kapila
    Chapter 23
    Devahûti's Lamentation
    Chapter 30
    Lord Kapila Describes the Adverse Consequences of Fruitive Activitie...
    Chapter 24
    The Renunciation of Kardama Muni
    Chapter 31
    Lord Kapila's Instructions on the Wanderings of the Living Entit...
    Chapter 25
    The Glories of Devotional Service
    Chapter 32
    The Entanglement in Fruitive Activities
    Chapter 26
    Fundamental Principles of Material Nature
    Chapter 33
    The Renunciation of Devahûti